Squirrel Damage Examples and Threats

Squirrels can Potentially Do a Lot of Damage!

Hole Chewed in side of attic so squirrels could gain access.

Here you can see damage caused by squirrels. They chewed a hole in the side of the house to access the attic.

Here I will outline some of the damage that squirrels can cause and why removal of them should take place quickly. There are many options you have when it comes to getting rid of these animals that might be living in your house. However you plan to eliminate them here is a brief overview on why your quick action is needed to make them go away FAST!

Squirrels Living in Your Attic:

There are a lot of obvious things that can go wrong with these rodents living in your home with your family. You might have never thought that they can actually kill you! However this is a realistic possibility, so your action is needed to remove them from your attic.

  • Squirrels chewing through wires can potentially cause a fire:  They are curious critters who really enjoy chewing anything and everything. They will look for nesting material wherever it might be found, and their idea of nesting material could easily be wiring for your electricity! A short caused by these sky rats might easily cause at a minimum and expensive electrical repair. Worst case scenario a full fledged fire.
  • Squirrels can carry disease: So If they are living among you and your family it is mandatory that quick action is taken on your part to make sure these pesky troublemakers don’t cause your family to get sick.
  • Odors from Urine and Feces: I doubt I need to dig too deep into this subject for you to grasp the idea here. Naturally squirrel urine has an odor all its own and you do not want this hard to remove smell soaked up in the wood and insulation in your home.
  • Squirrels will possibly chew (or enlarge) a hole to gain easy access to your home: This is obviously a problem, but it might be worse than you actually think. With a gaping hole and easy access to your attic, there will be more pests soon to follow such as bees, wasps, moths and possibly even more large mammals!

As you can now see, there is an urgency for quick squirrel removal before they really make themselves at home in YOUR home. Quickly patching up any access the squirrels might use to gain access is the key to nipping this problem in the bud. You can eliminate a few squirrels and think the problem is dealt with, however the other sky rats in the area know of the home that the previous squirrels had. A new family will move in quickly once the initial squirrel family removal has taken place.