Shooting Squirrels

Using a .22 to remove squirrels from your home.

These .22 rounds move slower than the speed of sound and produce very low noise.

This topic does not need too much discussion, however if you are desperate to remove these pesky invaders out of your life; this will work. Assuming you have tried other methods there are tricks to easily eliminate them even in close neighborhoods (where legal).

You can purchase subsonic .22 rounds that will not make any more noise than clapping your hands. These will quickly and humanely dispatch squirrels without your neighbors even knowing.

Pellet guns and air rifles will also be effective and low noise. These are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at any sporting goods or hardware store.

If you are seeking a quick and humane way to remove squirrels from your property, perhaps taking lethal action against the squirrels with a firearm is your best course.

Tips for Shooting Problematic Squirrels

  • Be sure you are legally allowed to shoot animals in your city or township. (You don’t need a busybody neighbor calling the police on you)
  • Always be sure of your target and what is behind it. .22 rimfire bullets (like the ones shown in the image above) can travel over a mile, so be cautious when taking that shot.
  • If you are going to shoot at squirrels inside of your house or attic, make sure you don’t hit any wires or electrical outlets.
  • Soft pellets from a .177 or .22 caliber airgun will be your number one choice for shooting inside city limits or in close proximity to other homes. These pellets will lose velocity quickly and tend to break up on impact with an animal or other debris.