Removal Cost of Squirrels

Removal of Squirrels, How it is Handled and What it Costs

The cost of squirrel and pest removalThe removal of squirrels can be a fairly involved process. Once the culprits are taken out of your home you are still left with the damage that they have caused. Most removal experts will clean up the damage and get your house back to normal before they consider the job complete.

Examples of deep cleaning and odor elimination ,damage checks and feces removal include:

  • Sanitizing the area the squirrels lived
  • Removal of shed fur
  • Eliminating possible parasites left behind
  • Checking for chewed wires and damage to the structure of your home
  • Finding the source of the squirrels entry and blocking it off

All Squirrel Removal Experts are Not Created Equal

Some critter control companies employ infrared camera technology to find out exactly what is taking place in your walls and attics. They also do all the cleaning and checks as mentioned above.

The Cost

The cost of squirrel removal can vary greatly by the amount of damage that has been caused by the squirrels. If they have lived in your home for quite some time, you can expect that they have caused serious damage. However if you have just noticed the squirrels, there is a chance that you can remove them for quite cheap. Therefore the prices of this service can vary greatly. It would be hard to offer a fixed price for removal, because each case is totally different. You can call every squirrel and pest removal company in the phone book and I would find it highly unlikely you would get a fixed price out of the phone call. They will tell you “It can vary and we will have to come out and assess the problem”.

So I will tell you the cost to remove the squirrels could vary from $100-$2000. With any job costing over $1000 being a particularly difficult or “dirty” job.  

The Best advice you can ever get is to deal with your squirrels, rats and other pests AS SOON possible. The longer you wait, the more damage will potentially be done.